It's Time to know Your competition

PBA League has rules that every player must practice. These competition bylaws are applicable to the 2022 Preseason PBA competitions and all future PBA competitions.

Team registration policy

  • Each team may only register a maximum of 10 players. A captain must be nominated.
  • Players may not play for more than 1 team.
  •  Players are not permitted to transfer teams during the season without PBA committee approval. 
  • All players must wear uniforms purchased from PBA during the competition. PBA jerseys must be worn by all players participating in games. PBA shorts are strongly encouraged to be worn.
  • Any player who is deemed to be a “Non-Chinese Background Player” will fall into the PBA ‘Special’ player category. Each team is restricted to have 2 PBA ‘Special’ players to form the team.
  • Each Team’s division will be allocated via levels at the time of team formation.
  • Player aged above 24 years old at the time of registration will not be allowed to play any PBA games. However, each team is allowed one overaged player that is under the age of 26.
  • Each team can have a coach, but the coach is not allowed to play the game.
  • Only if any team member becomes severely injured during the game and will not participate for the rest of the season, then the captain can decide to substitute one player without paying the registration fee. However, registration form and jersey purchase is required.
  • Fill in players are not allowed during regular season and playoff games.
  • Unregistered players may not participate in PBA games under any circumstances. Please note that trespassers will be prosecuted.
  • Any addition of new players to a team after the commencement of the season must seek approval from PBA.
  • Making a false or misleading statement and/or giving false or misleading information is a serious offences

Forfeit procedure

  • Teams must notify PBA committee if they don’t have enough players to play the match  48 hours prior to their game time.

  • Teams who forfeit more than 24 hours prior to their assigned match time will be charged a $60 forfeit fee.

  • Teams who fail to notify PBA committee will be charged a $100 forfeit fee.

  • If the team does not have a minimum of 4 eligible players before the 10 minute mark on the game clock, the game will be called a forfeit. (Forfeit fees applies) 

Team conduct rule

  • Any player that is ejected during the game will face a 2-week suspension.
  • PBA Competition Advisor will investigate when any disrespectable and inappropriate behaviours are shown by players on and off the court, suspension may be given.

First aid

  • PBA  in partnership with YMCA will provide ice packs and bandage for injured players (available upon request). 
  • In the scenario of a severe injury, PBA staff will contact relevent emergency services upon request of the injured player or when deemed necessary.
  • It is important to keep in mind that it is in each team’s best interest to supply their own first aid kits (band aids, strapping tape etc)

Player insurance policy

  • PBA is covered by Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance . Any injuries must be reported to the PBA committee and venue supervisor immediately. 
  • PBA strongly recommend each player have their own private health insurance and ambulance cover.
  • For further information regarding PBA’s coverage, please contact the committee via E-mail or Wechat.

regular season Game rules

  • All games will consist of 2*20 minute halves.
  • Warm up time will be 5 minutes.
  • Half time will be 2 minutes.
  • Team may use only one time-out per half.
  • The Game Clock will stop for all whistles and made baskets in the last 2 minutes of the game.
  • No Shot Clock will be displayed.
  • If a team is up by 20 points or more, the Game Clock will run and no timeouts are permitted.

preseason game rules

  • All regular season game rules are followed except there will be no overtime and teams are allowed to have a draw.
  • Teams are given the choice to select their favourable opponent during the last round of preseason, both team must agree in order to play the game.





第一轮:第一二名没有比赛,第三名 vs 第六名,第四名 vs 第五名。

第二轮:第一名对决第三名 vs 第六名的胜者,第二名对决第四名 vs 第五名的胜者。